Taste of Down-Home Cooking You Simply Can’t Resist

We Like Pig Butts, and We Cannot Lie

Serving Your All-Time Favorite Southern BBQ Dishes and Wings

Wright Way BBQ and Wings is a family-owned-and-operated restaurant in Bremen, GA. Our signature Southern comfort food, complete with all the fixings, is sure to satisfy any appetite.


Mouthwatering Meals You’ll Love

We serve dishes that perfectly capture the enticing flavors of Southern food. Our recipes have been gathered over the years from families with strong roots in the South and BBQ and soul food tradition.

We take pride in serving our menu offerings that are all freshly made—no need to use commercial heat lamps to warm your food! Once you taste our food for the first time, you will never forget it. The next thing you know, you’ll keep coming back for more.

Why We Serve Southern BBQ

Southern BBQ dishes are popular in many places, including Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Louisiana, and The Carolinas. However, regardless of where you’ve dined, our classic BBQ offerings have the sweetest and smokiest taste around! That’s exactly what we want to share with you and your family.

An Inviting Atmosphere

Bring the whole family to taste our Southern home cooking. We welcome everyone and treat all our guests like family to ensure that you feel the hospitality and comfort that food from the South uniquely represents.